In the News: Wounded U.S. Airman gets Voice-Controlled ELAN Smart Home

Thanks to the robust capabilities of the ELAN Entertainment & Control System, Core Brands and the Gary Sinise Foundation’s RISE (Restoring Independence, Supporting Empowerment) program recently presented a smart home to a wounded U.S. airman who lost three limbs in Iraq in 2004. The new home in Miramar Beach, FL combines the advanced ELAN system with Amazon’s Alexa voice-recognition technology to empower senior airman Brian Kolfage to control his home’s lights, security, HVAC, audio, and video through voice commands.

This voice control greatly increases Kolfage’s independence at home and is helping him enjoy daily life with his family, according to integration expert Jason Stanley at Tampa, FL-based AAMI. “It’s truly awe inspiring to witness the strength and perseverance of our nation’s bravest citizens,” Stanley said. “The team at AAMI is grateful to have donated our time and expertise to this project, and to help provide senior airman Kolfage with as much self sufficiency as possible in his home. One of the greatest feats of modern technology is to raise the standard of living for people with decreased mobility and injuries, and there’s no one more deserving of that technology than wounded veterans.”
Read the full story here.

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