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Interactive Interiors services and installs the best overall home theater experience in NC and the surrounding states. When you sit down to watch a movie on a home theater or media room system, you are immersed in the experience rather than simply ”watching TV”. A home theater or media room system in your home must be designed from the basic principles that the larger theaters use, but just in a smaller space and scale.

One of the biggest differences is the sound experience. When you go to see a movie in a quality movie theater, you’ll hear the music, sound effects and dialogue not just from the screen, but also surrounding you. A typical movie theater has three speakers behind the screen — left, center, and right. You will also notice several other speakers positioned around the theater. A typical home speaker configuration would be left rear, and right rear speakers in addition to the front stage. But wait a second… no theater or media room experience would be complete without one or more powered sub-woofers to reproduce the low frequencies.

In a Home Theater or media room surround sound system, you will hear different parts of the soundtrack coming from different places. When somebody on the left side of the screen says something, you hear it more from the left speaker. In a movie like ”Star Wars,” you hear a rumbling swoosh travel from the front of the theater to the rear as a spaceship flies toward the camera and off the screen. You are more involved in the experience of watching a film because the world of the movie is surrounding you.

Another main component of the total theater or media room experience is the large size of the movie screen. In a theater, the screen takes up most of your field of vision, which makes it very easy to lose yourself in the movie itself. After all, you’re sitting in the dark with only one thing to look at, and everything you’re looking at seems much bigger than life. A home theater or media room experience allows you to have a television with a screen size of at least 50” all the way up to a 160” screen with a projector and an easy to use control system. Interactive Interiors will work with you from the early stages of design and product selection right to project completion to assure you a quality installation and experience.

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