Project Management

Project Management

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Interactive Interiors role as a project manager for your home’s construction or renovation project is critical. Once you have worked through all the details with our sales and design team, you will have created the blueprint for an amazing system experience. In an ideal situation, the work begins as early on a new project as possible. However, we can retrofit for upgrades or remodeling projects as well.

Clients do not realize just how many tradesman and other professionals are involved in every single home project. It is not easy to manage a highly technical project and be able to speak the industry language of the tradesmen, architects and designers, but you can rely on us to manage this. We are great at conveying our client’s needs and taking an active role in the smart home project management or other services we offer to insure the job is done correctly. Our team is specially trained and certified by each manufacturer and must keep current with new technology and developments. This is important because the technology industry changes almost daily with various levels of upgrades and new products.

Our team has exceptional time management skills. They are detail-oriented and highly organized, and they understand the importance of meeting deadlines. The team’s main task is to complete the project on time and within budget and give the client an easy to use, reliable system.

Interactive Interiors’ smart home project management team is also able to communicate well with clients. This will insure that the lines of communication are open and everyone is on the same page and satisfied with the end result. Feel free to ask as many questions as needed and get them answered at any time.

Having a great smart home project management in place does not guarantee that there won’t be bumps in the road during your automation system installation, but it does mean that you have started out on the right foot. Your team will always represent you and make sure that your project’s needs are being met.

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