Sonos Playbar common questions

Sonos Playbar common questions

How do I set up PLAYBAR?

Setup is simple. You won’t need to run speaker wires around the room. You don’t need any tech or programming expertise. Just connect PLAYBAR to your TV with the included optical cable, download the Sonos app, and relax.

Will my TV work with PLAYBAR?

PLAYBAR comes with an optical cable that connects directly to your TV. As long as your TV has an optical output (also called S/PDIF optical or TOSLINK), you’ll be able to use PLAYBAR.

Most modern televisions have a built-in digital audio output. Your TV manual will have that info. Or you can look the model number up online.

How about a remote?

You can control PLAYBAR with your existing remote. PLAYBAR works with almost all TV, cable box and universal remotes by learning their infrared (IR) commands during setup.

PLAYBAR doesn’t support remotes that only send Bluetooth or RF commands, but these are not particularly common.

Does everything connected to my TV work with PLAYBAR?

Your TV will send the audio from devices like your cable box, Roku, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, and Blu-ray player to PLAYBAR.